<em>14K Engagement Ring with Princess Cut Diamond; 0.55 ct, 0.72 tw; $2677</em>

<em>Wedding Band; 0.084 tw </em>

Fine Diamond Rings

Diamond Beach is Gimli's premier destination for fine diamond jewelry for any occasion. With an assortment of ring styles and diamond cuts available, we're sure you'll find the perfect ring that says "I love you," "I do" or even "just because." 

We provide an extensive collection of rings, including:

  • Engagement rings
  • Bridal sets
  • Wedding bands
  • Gemstone rings
  • Fashion rings
  • Personalized rings
  • And more!

From traditional gold rings to modern rose gold and white gold rings, we guarantee you'll find a ring that will make an impact on you.

Want something one-of-a-kind? Let us create a custom designed diamond ring that's sure to wow whoever opens the ring box. 

<em>14K Round Cut Diamond Ring; $449 </em>
<em> 10K Diamond Ring with Gold, White Gold and Rose Gold Hearts; $279 </em>
<em> 10K Garnet & Diamond Ring; 0.12 ct</em>